Statistics revealed the launch of iOS 7: User updated slower than iOS 6, the first week share of only 16%.

Millennial Media reveals

website statistics update of the latest version of iOS iOS 7 is calculated from the traffic of more than 45,000 affiliate website

dating relationship started with iOS 7 appeared in serial form during the WWDC event is open to developers access to the firmware in the first and increased landslide on the first day open to the updated one. official And 185% increase in average per day since the first day open to the update. IOS 7 until the first week share is at 16% of all iOS devices running

View only absolute numbers of iOS 7 called by not less impressive. But when I go deeper than that, with its match with the previous operating system, the iOS 6 that the loss is enough by iOS 6 that grow on average per day in the first week of up to 264% until the first week, I share it. Up to 35% (see table alongside the news)

of statistics that come out. I must admit that iOS 7 is a growth rate lower than the previous model already. Which is expected because of the dramatic changes that iOS 7. They usually like to try new dash update was no problem. But while the general viewing position before updating. After review of many current iOS 7 is also out as well

is hard work to build the confidence of Apple users to update it to iOS 7 more to me

Source – Millennial Media



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