Reviews Adobe Creative Cloud.

be out before that earlier, about one year, I hit a pot bring money to buy the family a graphic version of Adobe CS6 Design Standard, which he bought at the sale campaign in Thailand to around 30,000 would fit. I have used both the licensing program 100% for the first, so this review will focus on the differences between the traditional usage of the software. The culture of paying rent to use the Adobe bet out how to lap it. Still a little too soon

Adobe CS6 Design Standard

after I had found himself very comfortable. But also impedes light at the kits Design Standard is the only Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Acrobat (which I use just the first two), it is rarely good, because Photoshop is used as the main tool I lack some not. in the economy. (If it is a laptop. Be used as models. Extended)

enough time to just half a year, it launched a new version of Adobe. There is a Creative. Cloud , which change the way the money is paid. By the way new users are already paying rent. Load a few programs were not spared. (Like a buffet Pon Yang Kham) and cancel family of Creative Suite that are available but traditional. The following. Use of this camp who would not like to waste money in the past anymore. To pay us better

as someone who is just impossible to buy for. Even the smallest sets as they are sold. But I felt a little bit more money. For comparison, typical. The amount paid to it, I can use the new capabilities. The program was “a camp for” any two consecutive years, who is a big price to pay for a whole set marred. Add to it by several years. It is bruised as well

but not enough, I had the opportunity to use Adobe CC a really hot girl and I’ll see that this row has no reviews. I would like to read my experience. If you want to try to see what. And cost effective if you have to pay the rental software. Instead of buying each other the way we used to do it (some images with the original image with high resolution, press on the image to see it full size yourself)

you feel like a waste of money to play. Was able to see it in web page Adobe that the label will be inviting a lot of money. So I skipped the step of expenses and payment to me

When we

Adobe ID to register and login to neat welcome message appears as follows:

However, if the subsequent

. To see this page as it is

all the icons you see here is a set fee for the plate is really to say that I took it to load at all

but first I have not installed anything on the machine. It will be forced to Creative Cloud Installer before

installed successfully. Program to embed it on the menu bar. (Or if it is the Windows taskbar) waiting for us to successfully login

Once logged

finished. All Programs list will appear, as shown here. I want to install, click Install Now and then went to shower while eating. I will come back to finish it. Here’s where I try to be as Photoshop CC is the first hero of my list. There is a little remark. Click on install. I hardly see that kind of information. File size much. Reload this night to finish it, etc., but I will just wait for the percentage to only


that I try to do it before I get my six programs (with Lightroom too! Normally I never thought to buy used before. Loaded because victims buffet thing out)

soon try to install Photoshop on view for the first time. The system alerts the Presets that you have used in the previous version. Want to append to it like a brand new model. (Okay, well)

and this is my look of the program. If anyone can see that the CS6 version, then it can not see the difference. But if it is from a previous version, it might be a little confused with the interactive interface, the darker more serious. (If you do not like, it’s fine to have the same soft tones)

This is different from previous versions of it. The program is seen as an Adobe ID, we logged hold the following settings to connect to the Creative Cloud so that you will not use a machine where I can use the same account to launch the program. And load the settings are the same on all machines. I would imagine that simple. I would like a similar feature. This thread of Chrome

for user experience in each program. The new features for the new features, I would jump on it and you will find it from somewhere else, then we can focus on the Creative Cloud together better

for Creative Cloud apps open at the corner of the screen, it has a duty to monitor the updates of all my programs. One in the picture is my turn again in the various programs. Are gradually updated fit. I have a list of names to choose from. In here with the new upstart. I pressed it to all

if I see that in each program, What’s New. Then press the link to see it a little to see that something is adding new features to it. The following do not need to care about the version number anymore. Because as long as they pay money for Adobe, you can always use the latest version

If I

history update was provided on the Home tab, on this tab will serve to show the feed back. And that there is nothing to wait for the hot new update

where it is, I try to take a look at the other tabs. What is better in the Files tab, which works similar to the Skydrive or Google Drive is a file I have saved on the cloud, for the convenience of working with a team. Or for a person with multiple machines. Unfortunately, it is not enabled. (Understood as unfinished. But do not discount it)

the Fonts tab, it will connect to the Adobe Typekit, a service of the Adobe font library so incredibly simple to use. The working principle is that Adobe fonts on the server where it’s like to be installed into the machine through the web easily. Without interfering with the installation of the fonts one bit. When finished, it can be used with the software package Adobe CC and other programs. In the air too! See the example clips and I cry Warped cool … but still not open. to use it. Last heard that a Registration applications for both categories, but long queues Files and Fonts me

and the last tab is the tab on the Behance is tied into our account with the web service. A web designer showcases designs from around the world

enough to tie accounts together, it would be this. The news feed Spender up. In my personal opinion it is. “I do not know why it would be”

on a guided tour in the Creative Cloud And then I would like to see the programs that are installed on what little some interesting

installed into the machine with Adobe CS6, then do it. The result is that it is time to win over the old version. But the program’s icon in the Adobe CS6 Launchpad (Mac too) is replaced by Adobe CC which replace those programs is not lost. Open the Applications folder, it is still very comfortable. The program’s icon in the Dock will also be placed on it, so I dragged and dropped nearby. For comparison. It can be seen that the design of the icon changed little. The colors are glowing like the neon lights twinkling along the Saphan Kwai post karaoke

I try to use Illustrator CS6 (the original) and then open the files created from Illustrator CC (new), they found that most of the texture files are compatible. No problem in working with people. That is because I usually do not do the artwork and baroque. I only notice it in the picture. Which is open to the view, it does not affect me much. Try this one on new features. The latest version of the program, then it is not open in the older version. Tell me exactly how it is

impressive in Illustrator CC obviously is the active toolbar work on my character. Earlier, it is time to select the font for your pain. Because it was printed in the Select Font Search by name does not. But this comes with a magnifying glass to be used comfortably on rough name. Down to it

The only disadvantage is

display multiple fonts. The back cast to much. Thailand is not a font jack jackpot to many things. (Understand how to extract metadata in the fonts are different from the previous version), but the overall impression I

the Adobe Extension Manager CC It looks no different from the original Extension with some warning messages that do not support Adobe CC This is to allow developers to upgrade to another



  • idea to sync data to facilitate the collaboration of several. With a single account to an online account. This way of thinking now tone up. Show that this approach is likely to Kraftwerk
  • idea to pay a few Baht I have a genuine use. And holds it’s always fresh. Expenses will be fixed expenses like car payments on a mortgage payment, utilities, telephone Nen


  • as the disadvantages are not anything to suggest irritated me. Is it just me episode Adobe. Customer data hacked and make the Creative Cloud went a little haywire. I also had to reset my password. But that makes too preoccupied with the safety of a life with this online service. I believe it. Which is a global online provider of face and race to build the confidence customers have
  • This bias

  • I do not believe that many of the people who have not decided to upgrade CC because of the feeling that the following program we spend our money, it is not anymore. I stopped paying on it. It is considered a loss to


because I did not work on the video. Sound Engineer or by any means, but it must bear the burden of paying for these programs. This is due to the buffet. OK, I feel shamed that was a waste of money, then we should do it to mess with this player or Adobe should have a solution for this group of people similar

which previously read by the industry as a designer and photographer




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