Revealed the CyanogenMod ROM is divided into two models: the Community and Pro.






after the company became the CyanogenMod also revealed plans to own the Big Android BBQ 2013 (BABBQ. ) with the CyanogenMod ROM from now on will be split into two versions of the Community Edition and the Pro

for the difference of the two models, Community model is the original model that we use throughout the Pro version is designed for users who may not have the knowledge to install the ROM. CyanogenMod is easy to use, designed to be used safely. Is updated every two weeks a simpler and

than the version already. The work also revealed several new features as follows:

* Universal screencasting – framework for a photo with the screen Chromecast, AirPlay and WiDi also use compressed video screen smart phone with built-in audio and
* Live Folders – New folders system to identify the contents of the folder itself in (Various applications)
* Recent Conversations – Working with Live Folders feature can be accessed from the chat and conversations. I have a folder of
* The theme for the new look, new apps and new apps launcher!

ending with figures of CyanogenMod now has a very active user use to 8.2 million people and more than 38 million times to download CyanogenMod ROM supports more than 100 models and over 3,000 people are joining together

Source – Android Authority



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