Microsoft job. Users can not up to Windows 8.1, Microsoft says the ISO file to be loaded.

Microsoft job! Number of users, many of whom can not update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 because the downloaded file is incomplete or Error Code: 0x80240031 itself by the many people gathered to ask about the possibility of downloading files. the ISO for Windows 8.1, Microsoft also debuted insistence that improvised. “Will not be able to download the ISO file for Windows 8.1 to the public, certainly!”


Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 on October 17 at 18:00 pm on the following. time in our home in a free to use Windows 8 as well. Recent events will not be like that back then. There is one user has reported in Post your Microsoft to an error that” Error Error Code: 0x80240031 while downloading the file used to update to Windows 8.1 had 50% “

general problem Error code: 0x80240031 occurs because the downloaded file to install the Windows Store is not complete. While many people have trouble asking for help to show up in the post. Microsoft is also standstill and Hotfix or update any immediate improvement. Out at this time. The instructions just like wide update the Windows Update to the latest version, please reset command through the Windows Store wsreset.exe or even to perform Clean Boot which can be viewed as a English Thailand a

and at the same time have a part to that comment. The Microsoft Strikes Back on special post by text inside the post said

Microsoft has made it known there will be no. ISO file for Windows 8.1 available to the general public.

“Consumers” here really means any copies of Windows 8 that weren’t purchased through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs. So a small business with 20 PCs to upgrade, for example, will have to do them one at a time via the Windows Store – so that’s 20 separate 3.5GB downloads.

The Windows Store is the only way for consumers (non-enterprise, non-IT Pro) to download and install Windows 8.1. No ISOs will be made available, so each device needs to be updated individually via the Windows Store.
Windows Expert – Consumer

Such statements

speaking indirectly. That those who want to use it to update through the Windows Store Windows 8.1 only! A dream and put it into another aggravate the trouble

and I was having trouble with this. Microsoft engineer and I do not make my scheduled appointment time

[updated] Now I can not update to Windows 8.1, which is the problem of Web Caching Server by True Online I’ve read to see news not published If anyone can remember. Later I had to take it issue , which in that case. The difference of opinion that Verizon is blocked. So I assume that the “Web Caching Server to the True Online file storage is not completely out. (By mistake) and True Online True Online is blocked if set to true Web Caching Server? “

hypothesis testing approach is that I open the VPN to another VPN Server in the server’s public. PacNet Internet service from another one and updating Windows 8.1 through Windows Store by the previous reset command through the Windows Store wsreset.exe

output is. I was able to update to Windows 8.1 without any problems. I happen

Source: Microsoft Community (1) , (2) via WinBeta and Microsoft Community Sector Languages ​​Thailand



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