[IGF2013] local domain and content.

this year, I received a scholarship to attend the SEAPA Thainetizen and organized by the UN Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia, the first room I entered today is “Country Code Top Level Domain” or ccTLD domain name by the unit. administrative domain of each country to share experiences

I missed this earlier. I met the speaker of the Indonesian PANDI domain administrator. Id found many interesting issues

    Keep up the good domain

  • Indonesia. Day, collecting about $ 5 per year

  • way to build confidence. id by checking identification of all registered
  • just have to create a new domain domain desa.id to promote local products. The distribution of these domains for volunteers who want to create a local product for free. Today would have been 72,000 domains
  • Indonesia tries to create a domain my.id

  • way to identify anyone and mail service along the way. The note will be. [Name]. My.id and email [name] @ my.id
  • PANDI repeat some of the same type as the domain. co.id and. biz.id by business size,. ac.th and. sch.id separated from each college and school, as well. web.id and my.id for creating poster
  • Indonesia until now not open to foreigners registered. id
  • domain today. id is already two to three hundred domain PANDI goal is to have a million domains

    representative from CNNIC Domain management agencies in China


    goal of developing local content is to create an Internet without a language barrier to the user

  • China has 628 million Internet users, and
  • a phishing measures and management since 2009
  • the Chinese want Chinese domain names. And try to find as many problems. The most important problem is that these domains do not use email. Because hardly any support
  • Chinese is the most used language as a second language of the internet, as reported by UNESCO
  • problem of Chinese web domain name that is very difficult. If your name is in English, people will not remember how to remove the noise. If written in Chinese people will not print
  • Chinese input system is also a problem with the system is not good enough today. Not many people can type. Despite writing
representative of the domain management

JPRS Japanese

  • Japanese people have a problem with using email as Japanese and gradually throughout the Japanese beef in the mail, the subject, the name in the To: and From: address but also domain
  • I have the same problem JPRS

  • website states that the user should be able to use the local language
  • domain language, we know that it should write something like domain is in Japanese, it should write an email to a Japanese
  • the local domain users will expect the web. What is the language as well. Find local Web content to match the search
  • Japanese Japanese used 100% in newspapers and other material except the name Japanese developers used 90%
  • Japanese used IDN domain or local languages ​​under. jp, then the amount of relatively stable since 2001. Web, most still use the second-level domain in English
  • JPRS trying to make users confident. jp process safety. Collaborates with a number of agencies for the use of the domain for malware, support DNSSEC

some pictures in this post in my Google+ i



                     DNS, IGF2013


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