USPTO reaffirms that Apple owns multi-touch technology. Samsung hit back – Google claims.

late last year. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO has issued a preliminary decision that multitouch patent (or a lot of people called “patent Steve Jobs”), Apple can not do. the real world. However, the latest range of office. Apple has issued a certificate to the right again. After verification, the accuracy and the facts upon the request of Samsung and Google. To confirm the fact that Apple owns this technology

means. Apple has the right to take legal action against competitors who do not pay taxes. Or exchange agreements with Apple patent fully. And other companies being sued is not the validity of the patent. Or claim that these technologies are considered prior art as a reason anymore

Now what competitors can do to avoid being sued by Apple. Is to try to avoid infringement of this patent in the technology. Including an effect “bounce back” when users scroll to the end of the

Source – . The Verge , MacRumors



                     Apple, Lawsuit, Patent, Samsung, USPTO


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