Lenovo is considering acquiring another BlackBerry.

BlackBerry. The proposed acquisition may have added another one. Where is the non-PC world of giant Lenovo China. Was reported that Lenovo has signed an agreement prohibiting disclosure. To check the financial status of the BlackBerry before deciding whether to purchase or not

who tendered the Official BlackBerry Enterprise earlier is Financial Fairfax , which has a deadline of November 4, if no one else has made an offer to purchase, the better. Meanwhile, it is reported that Mike Lazaridis , founder of BlackBerry to repurchase as well, including Cisco, SAP and Google was a dialogue on this subject with

previous CEO, Lenovo has not exactly denied it by saying that buying a BlackBerry If you have a chance to do However, if this deal happens, it would have to check the state of both the U.S. and Canada. several steps. Because the U.S. Department of Defense to use the BlackBerry device

if this deal is true, it probably ended the Lenovo acquisition of the largest countries in the West of China. Previously, the deal is the largest acquisition by Smithfield Foods, the food manufacturer Shuanghui swine major Chinese deal worth $ 4.7 billion, the Lenovo. Purchase of IBM’s PC business in 2005 was worth $ 1.25 billion

Source: WSJ



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