AuthenTec’s cofounder FingerLoc prototype before developing Touch ID.

F. Scott Moody, who co-founded a technology company AuthenTec Fingerprint Touch ID on iPhone 5s have a fingerprint scanner prototype presented in the lecture, students listen to the North Carolina State University

prototype named FingerLoc a ring sensor fingerprint scanner like the iPhone 5s, and a prototype iPhone 5s are larger than they need to use it again at the fingerprint scanner to a large processor. With this patch cables

Moody said the acting master AuthenTec team to make this device to be smaller. They then trial and error at times launch successfully and actually made it. This product has received attention from many large companies such as Apple, Motorola and Fujitsu, which Apple did not hesitate to buy hurry . immediately

AuthenTec’s fingerprint scanning technology has a very high accuracy. It can be unlocked by tit , PAWS cats , toe , or penis anyone interested in more details about Touch ID read from the old news here

Source – Apple Insider. via . MacRumors



                     AuthenTec, Apple, Touch ID, Fingerprint


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