26 Years of Search: Google Earth helps youth find their way back home to India’s success.

site Google Official Blog revealed captivating story of the “ A Long Way Home ” on Google Earth to help youth find their way back home to India’s success. After a long hiatus of 26 years

of exposing young people to the city Berhanpur Saroo Munshi Khan was 5 years old when he lost his brother on the train to the city of Calcutta was sent to live with an Australian family in the island town of Hobart. Tasmania, South Australia With a new name and last name Saroo Brierley

Saroo Munshi Khan began to find their way back home in 2011 by the ruler feature in Google Earth to measure the radius of the rail line, he lost his brother to find the old house. And he found a notable Which is expected to be an old house, and in 2012 he returned to India. When it comes to the people he had helped to search for the old and in with the family after he met a long lost to 26 years

Saroo Munshi Khan said, adding that the use of Google Earth to find a home in India. It’s like a Super Man. We can go anywhere. When I see that picture, it just Yes or No. If not, find the next

Google has made a short video clip Saroo Munshi Khan came up with this story. If there is a chance I try to find the book “ A Long Way Home ” to read as well. I

Source – Google Official Blog , Saroo Brierley



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