Washington Post document storage volume of NSA.

documents revealed by the Washington Post newspaper Edward Snowden shows the volume of information collected by the NSA shows the volume of collected data from four major service providers including Yahoo, Hotmail, G-mail, and Facebook. The

Yahoo! Webmessenger

only one service is stocked with 30,000 to 60,000 connections per day. The target is marked to be removed from the system in about two weeks. And the list of users connected approximately 500,000 people per day

documents show the bugs in the system as of January 10, 2012 lists the search results from 6 to 5 lists, and has NSA DS-2008 is one that seems to come from the intelligence agencies of Australia The eavesdropper must intercept the connection 3257738 to access information in traffic of 22% to get a list of 712,366 items as email data from Yahoo 444,743 items, Hotmail 105,068 entries, Facebook, 82,857 items, G. 33,697 mail items, and other service providers to collect 22,881 items, all in one day

enormous amount of data created problems for some NSA database of the emails hacked to send out to make a lot of NSA intercepts all email until you release the emergency out

these lists can trap NSA intercepts from several points of running. Without the participation of direct service providers as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, the Washington Post is not a question of any assistance. The U.S. government. In this case. The system relies on the NSA intercepted the same email over and over every time someone opened the email to see. And sometimes people send e-mail to target them with The NSA’s storage system to store all the mail as well

Yahoo! A great source of information because it is not encrypted by the encryption on just recently as the source of the Washington Post. Given that Google deliberately encrypted mail from the Commonwealth in 2010, knowing that the NSA had intercepted this

Source – The Washington Post , NSA: Content Acquisition OPtimization



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