Windows Phone 8 Update 3 announced then. Update it for a few weeks.

nearly a year after the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft announced the latest features of the official update GDR3 using a simple name that Update 3 (the version number. 8.0.10512)

  • accommodate 5-6 inch large screen 1080p (reportedly fell out several times) by increasing the size of the Live Tiles four horizontal channels to 6 channels
  • mobile compatible models. To CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • Driving Mode for use when driving. By turning off unnecessary alerts while driving, such as call / message. And set it to auto-reply that was driving
  • feature sets the access of the disabled, as well as the Mobile Accessibility for Windows Phone 8 as screen reader
  • Update to Internet Sharing

  • WP8 mobile hotspot for Windows 8 is simply a pair via Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi set a password to log on later
  • a ringtone for each type was more like the ringtone of incoming emails to different appointments
  • a Rotation Lock and then (once), to close apps in app switcher, then, turn on the Wi-Fi set up the new phone. Do not squander the end zone in the first place

    GDR3 Start Screen

GDR3 Rotation Lock

Microsoft stated that it would begin releasing updates GDR3 first series in the “next few weeks” (the coming weeks) we are not told many details. The update process will take several months (several months) to get full version

Source – Windows Phone Blog

addition, Microsoft also announced Developer Preview Program for developers who want to be updated faster than anyone else. Because the update from Microsoft directly through the provider network. (The main goal is to test applications that work with GDR3 or not) for the project will be the one

  • mobile presence. developer-unlocked (Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool) or
  • developers registered with Windows Phone Store, or
  • developers registered with Windows Phone App Studio

Developer Preview update with some minor details. (The purpose is to test the app on the main screen, 1080p) More to come

Source – . Windows Phone Developer Blog



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