Wanna Diamond Commercial Construction interview people in Thailand who had worked for. Google / Facebook / Twitter.

@ hunt in your web diaryis/7republic. I came to Thailand suggest that people who live in Silicon Valley named
Your diamond Wanna Commercial and Construction (@ petchw) Work very interesting because I trained with as many as Google, Facebook and recently started working with Twitter, so I ask for an interview for a case to members Blognone you. More here

I would recommend starting

own short history of the who, what, where graduated from

  • graduated from middle school and high school Bodin Singh Singhaseni
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • completing a Masters in Computer Science from University of California, Los Angeles
  • completing a Masters in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University

internship position to Software Engineering Intern at Facebook (2010 & 2012) and Google (2011) is currently a Software Engineer at Twitter (from 7 October 2013)

do have to work with. Google / Facebook be

fit the undergraduate America. Think graduated and want to find work Full-time with leading technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook it, so I think the internship or the internship will help build a profile with us, to

I started training with twice the local small summer semester during the second year to third year. Now, I have made two summer experiences and interviews with many companies, we have to work with Facebook as a company during the summer of the first year, 2010

an intern for the big company. Will interview me by phone. As some companies may have to fly to an intern

questions he would ask us a question about computer science and programming knowledge are what we put into our history here. There are also problems. We write code to solve the online shared document I had to see how we write code or not. We use the idea (thought process), then I can explain. (Communicate), we have the idea of ​​me

enough experience with the firm for the year 2011 is a year later, Facebook will try to sign my Google phone interview is 3-4 with a response from Google

the intern responsible for what

main function is as a Software Engineer on

now everyone is into this young intern advisor or host identity will train and coach us, but I did actually. We got almost everything works as full-time employees to do so. I want to be responsible for the project actually works. Most of the projects that he had prepared for my apprentice. However, we can determine the direction of the project has been well

  • Facebook News Feed team in 2010, I was doing about friend lists
  • I was in the year 2011

  • Google Search Infrastructure. Made about the data in Google on
  • Facebook Ads Interface 2012, I was on the team about the creation of Facebook Ads on my user

feel to be working with world-renowned companies to 2-3

delighted and very eye-opening experience with the operation of a global company. Three months we feel like doing it. We learned a lot in the classroom a lot. I have a problem to solve in real life. And felt that although I was the only intern that we made a lot of impact to the company, it feels good at the work we do affects the lives of millions around the world

as they have come. Think that these companies different from other companies, however, have some outstanding

each company has a different culture to me

The Facebook

This motto was “Move fast and break things” is focused on the creation of new work out. I do not need to complete a quick time. Feels like running on start up

Facebook Hackathon event is actually a starter, he will focus on innovation and creating products to engineer something new. You do not need to be perfect. But can we have an idea of ​​the Hackathon enables engineers to use their creativity. Facebook creates products that are really used. Too many

the Google with the company. The team is great as well. Products made out to be perfectly All code must have unit testting Maybe make the development process can be a bit slower than Facebook

what the two companies are the same

  1. people inside are very talented people just like thread profile
  2. two companies will focus on transparency. (Transparency) on Friday in the executive Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, the company came out to speak to what happens in some companies. All employees have the right to ask the commissioners hands. Or comment directly to the CEO post. He has the trust (trust) on the staff that will not leak confidential company

If Thailand wants to work with some of these companies. There are instructions how

if possible should participate in competitions such as the programming competition IOI (international olympiad in informatics) or topcoder I see in many of my projects has come from the work of these

Some companies have online programming challenges is to make programming problems we solve. If I could have my phone interview. If you have work experience, but I try to apply directly on his website

the performance of open source projects on GitHub, or any other online site. Also help a lot. Because he came to see the code that we wrote

interviews will focus on computer science knowledge to the algorithm and data structures is important to accurately prepare

part question. We can train for a job interview before the web. glassdoor.com carreer cup that I try to practice at home before the interview will help a lot

addition to writing software. Communication is the key here. Should be prepared with enough basic English to explain it. Another important thing is not to give up easily because I got rejected from Google to 3-4 before a practice round here, so be patient and apply to many. That, allow me



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