The origins of the Android logo with a symbol – female

Also remember

employees of Google revealed the first version of Android logo called “Dandroids”. The current logo is known worldwide. Called “Bugdroid” designed by Irina Blok

The New York Times has a brief interview Irina Blok (now Google her out of it. Moved with Edmodo) She told me this logo occurred in 2007, when she received her prosecution for Android logo design to educational toys and sci-fi movie about robots and space. But she was inspired by a photo icon (pictogram) with a man – women, people around the world know and understanding. The result is a robot that cuts out almost all details. But also as a unique antenna on head

After the design is complete, the team

Irina Blok has agreed that on the Android open source project, the Android logo, it should open with. The Google logo is a registered trademark of this The result capped a huge logo which Blok commented that the logo is like a baby. We give birth to live, and he grows along his own

Source – The New York Times.



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