[Rumors] Samsung and Microsoft to use Windows Phone Huawei with Windows RT Free, Samsung Galaxy Tab to dual boot.


not only Microsoft proposed to use Windows Phone for free by the Windows Phone operating system, Android device that is already stuffed. As an alternative to enhance the user, because the Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin IT products are often used by other customers. Revealed that Microsoft had contacted Samsung and Huawei to do the same. The operating system Windows Phone and Windows RT and support costs necessary to adapt existing hardware to run Microsoft’s operating system has

the Samsung it. Company developing Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition used both Android and Windows RT is by air would be about paper A4 (screen size is 12 inches and up) and some frame is plastic made out like a piece of metal screen. Retina-level work flow. And the dual function quite well. The Huawei Murtazin did not provide the information

Unwired View

website noted. Microsoft is trying to push their platform hopelessly. At least the company was able to grow in the image on the Windows platform portable devices

Source: Mobile-Review , Digestive (MP3 into Russian) a . Unwired View



                     Microsoft, Samsung, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Operating System, Rumor, Huawei, Galaxy Tab


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