[Rumors] Android 4.4 Launcher is referred to as the “Google Experience”.

site Android Police reports that it will run Android 4.4 KitKat new launcher ( dropped earlier ) that “. Google Experience “

by the website Android Police is based on data from the site Myce , which reveal the change log of the Android 4.4 package at Android Police is Referral package. com.google.android.gel APK file and the / system / app / GoogleHome.apk. Which the package above, it confirms the name Google Experience GEL probably stands for Google Experience Launcher

There are also details about the namespace that contains all three of the launcher (now the third) and the Google Experience Android Police is expected to be open for users to download through the Play Store, too

issues Google Experience Android Police is expected to come on Play Store, because it was the cause of the launcher package, if the file system is preceded by com.android but to use the prefix ‘Google Experience. com.google.android instead

The other issue is

motto for Android KitKat , which clearly stated that it will bring the user experience to all users. This may be indentured to the Google Experience on Play Store actually

The author argues that this rumor might be changed. And to the credibility of this rumor that 7 of 10

Source: Android Police



                     KitKat, Android, Rumor


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