An executive Chris Capossela of Microsoft Office. Consumer’s care.

I had been invited by Microsoft India to interview executives from the head office several times. But most often administrators who manage the IT organization. To answer the consumer’s. (It is striking that much) but I can not

but this round it’s good. Microsoft informed that your executive Chris Capossela distribution channels in the consumer (Corporate Vice President, Consumer Channels Group) visited Thailand. It’s a good opportunity to ask about the Surface, Windows Phone, Xbox and Microsoft’s new strategy to focus on “Devices and Services” at the same


you work with Microsoft for 22 years, mainly responsible for the market. (I helped draft the speech for the bill. Gates, too!), And I’ve worked with a lot of the Microsoft Office

I ask you to tell Chris

strategic Microsoft in the consumer, that is how you Chris emphasized throughout the interview is focused on Microsoft. “Common user experience” on a different device. The mobile screen 4-5 “tablet to the big screen 80” ( Steve Baltimore. Mercury is used ), we will not use the same Live Tiles. Data can sync across all compatible. Which are both competitors Apple / Google still do not. (Also by the operating system, screen size is)

I asked to the screen in Windows 8 Metro style for touch screen devices are true. But it does not work when you use it on a traditional PC Chris said Microsoft acknowledge this problem. And try to fix the Windows 8.1 Whether the background image on the screen, Start Screen, the Add All Apps to be sorted by time – applications commonly used is 10% of the plan for Windows 8 at Microsoft. Ubisoft wants to keep the details to complete (last 10% of polishness)

I told some of you out there who read Blognone Entries why Windows Server to be used with Metro screen the answer is that it is a common experience of the new window. And constitutes a step in the Windows client side. This is the transition of the Windows user experience. Which is still somewhat problematic,

Chris tells you that Windows Phone is now in India with a market share of 15%, and Microsoft is working with Nokia very closely. (Prior to an interview with you Chris, I just came to the meeting with Nokia), I Entries about Thailand Fonts on Windows Phone is a very strange. The answers that he did not know this before. (I came to Thailand for the first time), but it’s going to tell the Windows Phone team

questions about the Microsoft Store in Thailand (where he was directly responsible) You Chris said that the goal of Microsoft Surface is expanding distribution channels as much as possible. Thailand, which has a few channels, but it will add a lot more. So come to the Microsoft Store is a one branch in Thailand. Would not help much. During this time, Microsoft would like to focus on sales through Partners before Surface type and how to display it around the country to boot sales staff understands the demo enough to effectively

culminating with the Original Xbox. Xbox when it is officially released in Thailand. The answer is that Microsoft wants to expand Xbox as much as possible there. But to advance to the open market where you have to prepare. So putting in Thailand, it’s no news update

but Chris told you, I think the key point is that Microsoft’s Xbox does not see a “hardware” but that it is. “Entertainment service” in the big picture so that Microsoft has games a branded Xbox on Windows / Windows Phone is considered as an attempt of extending the Xbox as well (so if you want to play Halo official play Halo: Spartan Assault next)

in total. Microsoft’s attitude is very clear that the new policy of the company is the “Devices & Services” slogan is gold for me. It will help us to understand more clearly the attitude of Microsoft much

as Microsoft. “Software company” will fade and become firm. “Equipment” is clearly much greater for the Xbox and the Xbox users, we almost do not care what operating system. But we are interested in the game (Xbox One) and active (Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Skype, games, etc.) instead



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