Kindle DXG price cut to 189 dollars uprooted a sign that a new generation.

count as a single model with a solid history ever for Kindle DX with 9.7-inch screen, 1200×824 resolution, weighs 540 grams . launched four years ago at a cost of up to 489 dollars a year later, it and a slight upgrade to the DX Graphite and cut down to 379 dollars from stopped selling Kindle DXG to nine months and Back to selling again in the $ 299 price and lower the price to 239 dollars

Amazon now

to announce the price of 189 dollars to my Kindle DXG. According to the custom of the Amazon. Before launching a new product, it would be the clearance sale of old. There is one catch, that price erosion is a sign that Amazon may the next generation. I now have a rival Amazon with Kobo screen device larger than six inches screen such as Kobo Aura HD with 6.8-inch screen at a resolution of 1440×1080, contrast and faster Kindle DXG

wanted to know whether or not it will have to be patient. If there is a sequel to be released before the end of this year. Otherwise, it may be a end

Source: from The Digital Reader



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