Internship in China were forced to work in factories PlayStation 4.

news about labor issues in China seem to have continuous passive Foxconn factories last ever news came through allusion was hit again. Students from the University Xi’an Technological. Internship at the Foxconn factory in Yantai City of China, told the Dongfang Daily that they have to work outside of the classroom discipline and sometimes it is the working class as a student in Finance. Was ordered to glue a piece of PlayStation 4 if they do not work. The master would not approve. If canceling training. However, they lose credits to six units earned wages equal to their employees at about 1,600 yuan per month (about 8,200 baht)

the Foxconn . issued a statement acceptable that. Students were scheduled task to detect at night. And are forced to work part time. Which the regulations of the company. Be taken immediately to ensure regulatory compliance. There is no part-time work. Or night shifts for interns anymore. Although it is voluntary. And every student. Have the right to terminate the internship at any time as required

The Sony

said Sony has. “Ethics manufacturer Sony” since 2005, which aims to produce practical law, ethics and respect for human rights, security and the environment, we understand that manufacturer Foxconn to understand and follow the Code of Sony

also reported. The plant is labor under the criteria in the production of Wii U on. year

Source – Polygon , Games in Asia



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