Fitbit Force launched with OLED screen that has 7 status.





Fitbit launched a new wristband called Fitbit Force, which is a development version of the old Fitbit Flex external shape as the original version. But the fact is, with OLED screen indicator exercise seven forms, including a clock, sensor, MEMS 3-axis accelerometer. Model for measuring earthquake waves three directions and Vibration, supporting connectivity for both iOS and Android

with the Fitbit Force sensor MEMS 3-axis accelerometer Fitbit Force to work better than the old version. Can change the status by pressing the button on the side, such as status, sleep, time, steps, alarm clock, etc. Also, the Fitbit Force also water level

Fitbit Force also supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity in a smartphone with apps for both iOS and Android operating systems to provide load sharing, competition, collecting badges and the battery lasts 7-10 days. available in two colors: black and dark blue (slate) is small and the price only $ 129.95

Source – Fitbit



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