Developers, please note! The survey found that Apple has a problem with iOS 7 Review will fall immediately.

software testing company uTest has surveyed some of the review application is not supported by iOS 7 shows that Apple has a problem with the iOS 7 points will fall precipitously, like Chess with Friends, WhatsApp, Skype (now Update ), which points this affect the decisions of users download apps. (If this is the app to pay more attention to customer Review)

Let’s see an example of customer complaints on WhatsApp Review

After iOS 7 I can’t send pictures. Whyyyyyyy???? “

“Look terrible on iOS 7”

“Keyboard of ios7 is messed up with space between text area and the keyboard .. Looks bad .. “

“It keeps crushing after i update to ios 7, please update it for ios7”

or worse than it is already in use, some people end up complaining that “Better use Viber and Skype which works excellent.”

iOS 7 users currently have over 200 million users and is growing. (Even after I updated the bug that makes users more confidence to be updated), so developers will be complacent about the update to Apple’s iOS 7 is not anymore. If Apple has a problem. This will open the opportunity to pillage the rival

Source – VentureBeat.



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