Police chase hunting merchants worldwide on Silk Road.

arrested after Ross Ulbricht now operated web Silk Road Police began chasing the merchants on the web. I underwent. The first group of eight traders were arrested in three countries: the UK, U.S., and Sweden

England side that can hold Bitcoin was worth millions of pounds. In Sweden, it has captured a suspected marijuana sales in the U.S. were invaded and captured the Silk Road merchants on October 2, three past

The raids took place after all

Ulbricht was arrested a few hours to one day. British police. (The unit is named Crime Agency) that will capture much more

not disclosed that the process by trading these bull FBI has information on how the money is transferred to the Silk Road to await transfer to the merchant when receiving goods from the server. Police are looking for the destination of all traders. If the money trail and channels the money out of Bitcoin, it is not hard to follow

Source – NPR



                     Tor, Bitcoin, Crime


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