Launch hack project FOXACID uniform set of NSA.

NSA program revealed by Edward Snowden previously almost all the spying program is both broad Xkeyscore and PRISM now The Guardian newspaper revealed the new project document bore individuals named FOXACID

The principle of the project is

FOXACID officials must decide what information needs of the target machine. Then find a way to lure the target server to connect to one of the methods to select the target FOXACID various ways. With names such as Code Validator, Peddle Cheap, Packet Wrench, Beach Head, in case that the target is an important goal FOXACID uses newly found vulnerabilities or buy

to lure the target connection. A separate project named Quantum attack a target machine. man-in-the-middle. To change the target machine to connect to the Quantum instead (same format as the ICT Ministry blocks our web) and is dependent upon the cooperation of many ISPs. Sometimes relied on to lure the target to create a link to. When the victim was punched and then be connected to the embedded software FrugalShot to send more information

NSA very careful not to be found in the process of FOXACID outside world. If something is wrong. The analyst will be trained to use FOXACID stops the run was not exactly as expected. Or found to have anti-air targets. And the software is updated continuously. Snowden said in the manual version is

document does not specify the use FOXACID to just how much the system had been loaded FrugalShot not need to create a system for the year 2008

Source – The Guardian , Schneier on Security



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