HP asked employees to work at the office, if possible. Efforts to revive the company back to greatness.

I still remember it. Earlier this year, we have CEO Yahoo preparing to issue regulations to force the employees to come to work in the office. No remote ( sequel 1 , sequel 2 ), which generated criticism from the news office vs working remotely is very much

recent similar case. The same has happened to HP, the company began notifying employees that need to be prepared to work in the office. This command is not strictly the case, the size of Yahoo! by HP that I can come to the office. It should work for the company. But a spokesman for the company explained that HP will also provide flexibility to employees who need to work at home. Only the approval process may be more stringent than the original

in HP’s documentation for the reason for this is that During this critical period, the company must recover from problems (turnaround period), and the company wants all employees to work together to fully (HP needs all hands on deck) through the creation of a culture of collaboration between staff and more.

Source – AllThingsD





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