AdBlock Plus selected statistics showing ads from quality advertisers (whitelist).

AdBlock Plus ad blocking software

name later changed its policy to allow some ads are not blocked (whitelist) by the condition that the advertising is unobtrusive to the user. (No animation, no sound, not a martyr. Advertising does not cover the content – policy ) and for advertisers who want to apply for the whitelist AdBlock Plus

recent statistics revealing that there were 777 applications to the AdBlock Plus, which declined to less than half because of the conditions clearly. And only 9.5% of the final selection came in whitelist

the AdBlock Plus is the way to earn money advertising whitelist provide information that did not reach 10% of all companies. The rest are happy to deliver free of charge

AdBlock Plus also promised to regularly check ads in the whitelist. To ensure there are no ads on loose whitelist to act bad. Later

Source – AdBlock Plus



                     AdBlock Plus, Advertising


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