Qualcomm teams rushing defense spokesman accused the 64-bit chips, Apple is just marketing.

week, the head of marketing for Qualcomm, Mr. Anand Chandrasekher. Has come out saying that Apple A7 chip that uses a 64-bit architecture just gimmicky marketing only the last of Apple’s Qualcomm today. officially revealed via Macworld then. As the head of marketing, said that the information is incorrect


team spokesman has said. “The future of hardware and software of mobile devices in the near future, it is inevitable architecture 64-bit and 64-bit architectures, this would bring the potential and capabilities of the desktop computer into mobile devices. In contrast, 64-bit chips also made the processor and software on mobile devices today. Be used in other computers, too “

Qualcomm as the company has invested significant resources to develop hardware for portable devices. I have a very special interest in this market. And in the future when the market began to point in this direction. The senior employees of Qualcomm to attack Apple in this regard. May adversely affect the interests of long-term self Qualcomm

Source – MacRumors



                     Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Apple, Apple A7


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