PayPal payment system launched QR Payment Code or PIN.

This is a news

PayPal Beacon pay in stores without even touching the phone should go. Before I go back to read old news

PayPal Beacon is an ambition to push PayPal to pay via various mobile stores. Using Bluetooth connections between mobile phones with payment. A major problem is the payment page (POS) is also a lot of older systems that do not display the payment verification

PayPal is trying to solve this problem with the introduction of other technologies to replace the name of the Initial Payment Code and fully pay the two way

  • if we have a QR code reader app, users can be instructed to create a QR code for PayPal payments are times
  • or if no other applications PayPal QR code can create a 4-digit PIN shortcode number to enter into the shop to confirm the payment systems of PayPal payment instead

PayPal Payment Code specifies that the system will be introduced in the first quarter of 2014 it

Source – PayPal .



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