Intel launches Atom E3800 and Quark X1000 handles the Internet of Things.

Intel launched a processor for small devices that connect to the Internet (Internet of Things) is divided into two levels

  • Quark SoC X1000 CPUs, smaller than Atom ever launched gut. a single CPU core instruction set x86 à Fred the equivalent Pentium, running a 32-bit, Clock max 400MHz, built-in security features, working at high temperatures. Industry standards
  • Atom E3800 (Code Bay Trail-I) features error-correcting code (ECC), built-in security, industrial temperature, the image processing. Intel states that it is suitable for Kitchen Cabinets on masks, ATM, vending machines, new models, car entertainment systems, portable medical devices, etc.

devices using the two processors will start selling the first quarter of 2014 and in addition to hardware. Side of the software. Intel also is the parent company of both McAfee and Wind River software for embedded devices that support this feature

Source – Intel



                     Atom, Intel, Processor, Internet of Things, Embedded, Wind River, McAfee


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