LG starts production of OLED screens are flexible for your smartphone.

We saw rumors

flexible screen phone LG G Flex said to launch this November day. This LG confirmed the bend (flexible display) successfully. But only just my screen

LG Display announced that it began touring production of flexible OLED displays for use in the phone. Production technique is to use plastic instead of glass. The screen can bend and break more difficult. Maximum possible radius of curvature is 700 mm (for the mobile screen), the LCD panel is only 0.44 mm thick and weighs only 7.2 grams (for the 6-inch) screen, new production techniques. This will help ensure the adoption of new devices (such as a car or wearable devices) and more

LG did not show a screen like this (but old pictures brought demo since last May. ) and did not provide any information. On hand to use this Flexible OLED display

Source – LG



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