Sony Mobile is aiming for a third mobile vendors, the market value of 20%.

Dennis van Schie executive sales and marketing of Sony Mobile Communications. Interview with the Wall Street Journal that Sony Mobile phone company ranked third target is measured by sales value. (Not the number of machines sold out)


Sony Mobile’s market share measured by value of 6.5-7%, which is the company that should be moved up to a 20% if I was the number three

van Schie told the parent company Sony major reorganization under the leadership of Kaz Hirai made better coordination within the company

he originally described as though Sony Ericsson is considered part of Sony. But in fact do not have access to the technology of the other parties have, for example, Sony Ericsson as the ball back to the sensor, the camera of Sony with its screen or the new generation of Sony designed for the TV and then another six months. later to gradually adjust itself to fit the Sony mobile

target Sony Mobile is focusing on the mobile market at prices up to € 300 (U.S. $ 13,000) because of the Sony brand on a premium throughout

van Schie Sony also admitted that China and the U.S. market was not very good. I will attempt to penetrate the Chinese market, sales channels, sales representative of Sony China electronics products are already numerous. Sony, which is a strategy that made it to the Indian market

Source – Wall Street Journal



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