Sony confirms Joy Dualshock 4 is available on Windows, and reveals why he uses the Blu-ray to Xbox.

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Tweet games Dualshock 4 Joy confirmation message that the PlayStation 4 will be used for basic functionality on Windows. I have a Description for that. “Basic function” that is “the buttons and joystick (analog sticks and buttons) to work usual” despite no confirmed reports that Games on Windows to see Joy was a Dualshock 4 Because Joy Online Many features to make the game look a joy Xbox with the Dualshock 3 does this feature if Dualshock 4 with it will change. quite important

Source – Engadget , Joystiq

one side to the Clip Game Trailers web about Microsoft and Sony, is another issue. “Why Sony to allow Microsoft to use Blu-ray in Xbox” in which I described the fact Sony does not own Blu-ray technology, but the The with the merger of several companies (Microsoft, however, does not exist in this society) is the target of the association. Expand the use of Blu-ray as possible. All computers. Game machine, etc., and it is not just the drives. The Association will have a Blu-ray disc with all the sold out. Thus, it is not uncommon for Microsoft to use Blu-ray on Xbox

Source – Game Trailers.



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