OAG detected OTPC down over 30%, a tablet computer to postpone delivery of the first month, the winning bidder’s bid to appeal a suspension – off the shelf.

Mixed news

tablet in the first grade I

  • Office of the Auditor General (OAG) audit tablet in the first year of approximately 8.6 lakh to repair the damage to be around 2.58 lakh or equal to 30%
  • repair and maintenance company that contracts with the Shenzhen Traffic Ticket scope Cheyenne VENTURES LIMITED. (Supplier of tablet) does not comply after sales contract for 2 years as unable to complete repairs timely. Some provincial centers closed down without notice. I also carry a tablet. The school owes tablet refundable
  • The Supreme

  • The Steiner Building Materials Co., (Thailand) appealed the case to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (formally) announced the cancellation of the e-auction – off the shelf zone of the tablet. 3 (the winning bid), since the Commissioners. ฃig that a few participants. The winning bid at a higher price significantly. Implied intent Hua Auction
  • Shenzhen-based company

  • tank Intelligent Control bidder Tablet P. 1, Zone 1 and 2 of the country, about eight hundred to postpone delivery of the first one hundred and tablet device. to be delivered in the first month of the past 28 days. I fire parts factory in Korea on Sep 9
  • concept 3,000 coupons caused problems in purchasing a tablet in zone 3, however, the central concept. also more vulnerable. May apply to only some groups

Source: Post Today , Siam , manager Online



                     OTPC, Tablet, Thailand


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