NVIDIA Shield trial match on the show for the first time in Thailand.

Thailand yesterday NVIDIA NVIDIA Day event at Fortune Town shopping center, which has the Geforce and Quadro series graphics products, including the many fun hero of this work. (In my opinion) is that a gaming machine, the new NVIDIA SHIELD. In this work, an opportunity for visitors to play with

NVIDIA SHIELD is a game species Andrews steroids. Unlike other tablet or mobile. The design of the machine as Joy pad for playing a particular game. From the shape of the console games like Joy. The screen is a 5-inch lid of the machine can be folded and unfolded in a specific area. When opened, they will find the same joy pad control register. The software is the Android operating system similar to Google that has only added to customize the key is to use the joy pad and the touch screen to work

main features that make it different from the Android version is in the middle of this NVIDIA. Button to enter the menu Shield enters the game for the three main Shield, Tegra Zone game store and play PC games via streaming

for games in the Android, although it can run all the games. But in practice, it is a game designed to be played using a joystick to play efficiently. This game is designed to play on all Tegra Zone Joy with it. In the example, there are many games to play as Sonic, Dead Trigger, Expendable, Arma Tactic game as it was found to have no pinging. Some games might not complete for playing Joy. (Such as the text “Tap to continue” to have to tap the screen), but overall it is controlled by a joystick axis analog and two buttons on the joystick can be used to play games that support joystick well

Another notable feature is that players on PC via streaming. You can press to start the game from the menu of SHIELD directly I play Borderland 2 through SHIELD, and found that playing the images seen on the screen of the SHIELD despite the resolution is 720p, which is less than the PC and mobile high current. It achieves fine equivalent to that shown in screen PC, however remained ever felt that the delivery rate or frame rate is still below the image will not slip as much. But for the delay in the display and the response was very good. The speed of response is equivalent Joy wireless With no jerky playback at any time until the mood

a chance to review the full again thank NVIDIA Thailand to be held on the fun



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