Google tells Android malware has only 0.001% of the fall protection systems, and may be dangerous.

Adrian Ludwig, head of Android security to speak at Virus Bulletin revealed that Germany and the safety records of interest to many Android

Ludwig says that an open environment of Android can not use an anti-malware walled (walled garden) with the same competitors. But how Google uses the same protection of the public health epidemic over The concept of disease outbreaks is not able to block 100% of all diseases, but will use surveillance data. When the disease began to spread, it will block the outbreak broad instead

Ludwig said that Google’s own statistics to depict the whole system. Which is different from the security researchers to look at the problem as the issues go, and may feel that the problem is malware of some violent than Google found statistically (Android malware is not as significant a. threat as has often been reported)

He explains that Google has taken steps to prevent malware storied. (See illustration), starting with Google Play gently expelled into the install process applications on the mobile user. And to end running applications

most important measure used is the GI Verify Apps Consent or checking the data of apps installed. (Whether it be from Apple or Google Play APK installer itself) based on the statistics that Google has. If the applications are installed, there is a risk of harm to the user. Google warns users before. The statistics found that Google Apps is only 0.12% (counted by number of installations), the user will confirm the installation will see a warning

of 0.12% is also categorized as

  • 40% is fraudware or applications that try to charge for services, such as phone calls or SMS rates
  • 40% is rooting or apps root access to the system by a group that may not be a dangerous practice. (However, Google will alert)
  • 15% is a group of a spyware application. I retrieve the user
  • 6% other groups is a dangerous applications

next installation process. Google also check the apps I run (runtime security check) around which statistics have application only 0.001%, which dropped to check the run possible and “may” create a danger to users

statistics of Google Apps installed gauge of 15 billion times here

Source – Quartz .



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