GNU Hurd 0.5 and 30 years out.

27 months ago as a birthday, anniversary, 30 years of project GNU I ( News 25 year old GNU ) after the name of GNU may have not been talking much. Compared to Linux or GNU GCC may be said that, in terms of technology and philosophy is essential to push the industry and the computer industry has grown to the news today and I Hurd kernel 0.5 out

GNU as technology. It is a free software Unix-like operating systems (Free software), both of which RMS is working at MIT at the time, has announced that it will build up between the operating system. But over the next six years, in 1989, the engineers of the GNU found that they are all parts of operating system due to lack of kernel is the source of the Hurd took the Mach microkernel developed by a team at Carnegie Mellon, which. it is used in Mac OS / X and iOS as well, then the GNU was developed kernel service were up to the kernel to complete the project, Hurd spent time developing for too long in 1991 Linus Torvalds has announced the Linux and Later, it is used in conjunction with a software operating system GNU Project GNU / Linux as we know it today

project Hurd did not stop developing it. But some developers and some come until the occasion of 30 years of the GNU project has a version 0.5, which runs on 32-bit x86 architecture only the 64 bit version had to wait an architecture other now also announced a volunteer. Sign in here-_-” ‘for this version. It is bug fixes and additional capabilities of version 0.2 released on …… 16 years ago by what is added to it, such as

  • cthread from the POSIX threads (defeated)
  • support IPv6 by code from Linux 2.2.14
  • pfinet moved to the IP stack of Linux 2.2.12
  • and a CD-ROM filesystem support

  • ISO9660

be seen in many parts of the Hurd is the code of the Linux kernel to speed up development. It seems to me that I will see Hurd 1.0 when it jumped from 0.2 to 0.5 in the development cycle (the time ……. 16 years) only

Source: GNU 30th Anniversary
Details of the updated version 0.5 of the Hurd: NEWS .



                     Freedom of Information, FSF, GNU, Hurd


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