CTH collaboration with DSI holding the camera for Android TV Box Central TME 2013.

yesterday. Last day of the exhibition to end at Thailand Mobile Expo (TME) 2013 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, CTH has partnered with DSI and the Raiders of the vendors solicitor one. Available at the box Android TV Box can watch for signs of the CTH has pirate

invasion caught in the middle of the box Android TV Box 4 boxes to get video and audio from CTH to convert video streaming. Then release the box Android TV Box with sale price 4,700 Baht Internet can view the first 3 months 4 months of charge 300-400 baht per month to customers who purchase a box. Without permission of the owner of CTH booth at the box Android TV Box claims to have come to this box from the boiler. The idea that copyright owners have cleared out. TME 2013 is sold at the penalty is a maximum fine of S $ 800,000 and jailed for four years

which this case is based on the view that the approach of how to choose between CTH. “The damage and compromise the well” to “not compromise” because CTH months before the lawsuit was filed against Apple . as well

Source – Rath Online



                     CTH, Smart TV, Android, Copyright Infringement


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