[Rumors] chip Exynos Octa in Note 3 and Galaxy S4 may not be able to run 8 cores simultaneously.

news Samsung launched HMP Technology on Exynos Octa a month before the spark of hope to many. People to be able to run the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 to complete all eight cores simultaneously. I need a little nip

Oleg Artamonov position of senior technical expert of Samsung Russia. Has admitted that the current Exynos Octa chip is designed to work only four cores. Enabling eight cores simultaneously making the chip more power and heat than the chip design, which results in an unstable system. Samsung is the main reason to reject the HMP update to the current version of the chip Exynos Octa. Referred to by the out that the future of Samsung Exynos Octa will be updated in the next version to support all eight cores run

personally although this is not an official release from Samsung. But the opportunity to Note 3, Galaxy S4 to Meizu MX3 will use all eight cores simultaneously flickering unbearably

Source: Phones Review , The Droid Guy



                     Exynos, Samsung, SoC, Rumor


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