I do not use Arduino TRE Intel ARM Cortex-A8 chip from Texas Instrument.

Intel recently announced

board Galileo to Maker Faire in the same way that the Arduino platform, announced the launch of the Texas Instrument chip board Arduino TRE Sitara. The AM335x Cortex-A8

Arduino TRE is similar Arduino YÚN with Linux running on an ARM chip as the main. ARM chips to serve on the board is connected to the I / O and this project is a collaboration with a team. BeagleBoard.org originally sponsored by Texas Instrument

downside of Arduino TRE index is somewhat larger than normal Arduino board, but Intel itself is larger than the Arduino UNO in terms of centimeters wide level as well, with just the Arduino YÚN MIPS only the size of the board. The Arduino UNO is a popular fit well

of Arduino Arduino TRE sales expected to begin in the spring. (Approximately March to April) in the next year

Source – Arduino



                     Arduino, ARM, Texas Instrument, Embedded


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