DTAC plans to launch LTE services on the wave 1800 MHz – the consultation process with the CAT and the NBTC.

DTAC today announced that the company is prepared to conduct 4G LTE officially. While this approach has been taken in consultation with the Company, CAT 1800 MHz spectrum in order to limit the use of 24.5 MHz is not available. The business model of rough 4G LTE service at dtac will carry it. Is the same as the True Corporation (TrueMove H) that acts as a service agent I (CAT I briefly MVNO’s)


DTAC also took issue with the way the NBTC., too, by the way, dtac has consulted with the NBTC. wave is to return the cube to the NBTC. . taken to allocate and make a new bid. (Expressed a desire to go with) and DTAC saw this guideline value over the long term if the CAT and the NBTC. Were no objections. It is beneficial to both the company NBTC. Itself and is also good for the government as well. If a rough estimate. With the minimum bid in the 2100 MHz spectrum license to the recent wave of this night is worth 22,000 million, and when combined with a wave of TrueMove. AIS 20 MHz and the government will be able to earn up to £ 62,725 to be exact

end. More DTAC said that Whether it is through choice. DTAC is available to everyone in the immediate dtac here

Source – MXPhone .



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