Chrome 31 Beta: create a shortcut to the web page to find a home, storage payments, PNaCl.

after Chrome 30 to a few days, Google will move forward quickly with the Chrome 31 Beta version. desktops, laptops and mobile

important feature added in version of Chrome 31 on Windows, Android, Chrome OS (on a Mac) is a requestAutocomplete () (a feature of HTML5) to help fill in a form on the page in relation to the payment (such as credit card number, expiration date) to us like auto complete form normally. The payment information is stored in your browser

Google that will keep customer payment information in Google Wallet is the default. This will help provide more secure. Web part to get payment information must get permission from the user before any explicit (explicit permission)

Another specific feature

a Chrome version for desktops (including Chrome OS) is compatible Portable Native Client (PNaCl – . old news ), then the application is written in C / C + + can be run on non-x86 architectures have

the Chrome for Android is a feature that should have set up a shortcut to the web app on the home. The site can be identified in the meta tags that will open the shortcut page in the browser by default. Or to run full screen without menus or toolbars

and other features. As a matter of developers and support for emerging standards such as WebRTC, WebM, JavaScript Web Speech API, etc.

Source – Chromium Blog



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