Apple patents a glass spiral staircase design.

Apple recently patented new interesting again. But this time it’s not an IT innovation. If it is a work of architectural design. Which the patent has been approved. Is a spiral staircase made of glass that has been designed for use at Apple Store in Shanghai

patents that Apple has been covered in terms of design, production and installation methods. With regard to the materials used

a spiral staircase that is Shanghai. The characteristics of a cylindrical spiral staircase with roof top. The center has a large cylindrical structure is the core of the spiral staircase. The materials used to make the walls of the staircase, roof off the hall, stairs, panels around each fall, as well as a cylindrical structure at the core of the stairs. Which are all made from glass. (Only a glass staircase parts)

Apple said that in the future. Be adjusted using a cylindrical glass atrium Apple Store to shop elsewhere as well. To drive focused approach to decorating with mirrors is more pronounced

Source – Mashable , Patent Information from FPO



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