Twitch also available live “game” online.





if we want to live any content or events. Online. There are also a variety of services such as Ustream, LiveStream, YouTube / Hangout

Twitch is available live the same way. But concentrated niche market. (Which is not much smaller) that is a group of people playing the game. The game. (To convey an image of the screen) or on any player’s game. Followed broadly disseminated. I earn money from advertising on the video streaming another one

Twitch is a company spun off from now has 45 million users per month and watch video content creators. (As is the game itself, and retail) of 4,500 people, the company recently raised a new round for another $ 20 million by the capitalists to Take-Two Interactive (the distributor Games GTA) co-constructs and services Twitch to live in The console versions of the PS4 and Xbox One with

Source – Twitch , VentureBeat , Wall Street Journal



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