Not just Samsung! The results showed that cheating benchmark by other manufacturers.


after caught cheating Galaxy S4 benchmark and it’s caught on Ars Technica that the Galaxy Note 3 was cheating. benchmark as well as Phil Schiller, Apple vice president of marketing, called tweets. “I cheated” but now, the cheating does not seem to stop the spoiled because AnandTech tested the devices run the Android several versions of the test program benchmark programs to find that not only Samsung that cheating. Score benchmark

AnandTech tested the Android device to run from many famous manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, Motorola, Nexus, NVIDIA and Apple with several benchmark test program showed that the program manufacturer. Many considered cheating benchmark by which fraud is the most comprehensive and Samsung does not cheat with Motorola (formerly cheating. I currently do not cheat), Nexus, NVIDIA and Apple

see table summarizes the results shortly brakes on N Y refers to the mean cheating is not cheating if anyone is interested in the full report can be read from the I

Source – AnandTech



                     Android, Benchmark


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