FreeBSD 9.2 has been removed.

after 9.1 release earlier this year ( old news ) end of the engineering team has released FreeBSD. version 9.2-RELEASE is the second version of the 9-STABLE development focused on increasing the stability of the operating system

Besides the stable version 9.2 will have new capabilities such as

  • ZFS file system supported on SSD better and also supports compression lz4
  • DTrace is open default
  • updated versions of applications such as OpenSSL is 0.9.8y Sendmail 8.14.7 OpenSSH is 6.2p2 xz is 5.0.4

will see that there are a lot of adjustments. It will focus on bug fixes and increased stability of version 9.1, but more remarkable is the 10.0 version into the state by the ALPHA release reached 10.0 ALPHA-4, which is a major change in this version is. Switching from GCC to LLVM / Clang ( old news ) would soon be back to the state that RC

other details about the version 9.2, see the thread

Source: FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE Notes



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