DisplayMate screen Galaxy Note 3 to a much better, brighter in the market.

DisplayMate. Experts to develop software for setting screen. And performance testing of a smartphone screen names for generations. Test results revealed the Galaxy Note 3 to the support from Samsung. The result was quite impressive. In particular, the brightness of the screen is called the best on the market that has it

most tests is a comparison between Galaxy Note 3 to the previous version of the Galaxy Note II include only interesting part is the following:

  • OLED screen Galaxy Note 3 applies to a very high brightness, superior Galaxy Note II to 55% and above 25% on the Galaxy S4 mode that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen brightness Galaxy Note 3. 660 cd/m2
  • color screen display mode of the Galaxy Note 3 works much better. Focus on the two main modes to Adapt Display picture color more intently. And quite a contrast to the Movie mode, do the job better and closer to Adobe RGB, which is rarely seen in standard equipment for general use
  • use the Galaxy Note 3-glare for better performance of the display modes that increase the intensity of color against the sun. With reflective coating that works well in the sun screen of the Galaxy Note 3 The color of fresh
  • view pictures of the Galaxy Note 3 performed well at an angle of 30 degrees, the light fell only 22%, compared to normal LCD screen light is reduced to 55%
  • consume 26% less power compared to the Galaxy Note II

brief summary for those who do not want to read a long report of DisplayMate screen of the Galaxy Note 3 solution OLED screen brightness to it. Superior quality LCD screen and almost every model on the market over the previous Galaxy S4 recently announced that equivalent to the iPhone 5 with

Source – DisplayMate



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