Circulation Huawei CEO change policy every 6 months to live.

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei announced

policy. “CEO turnover” (Rotating CEO) is the CEO of the organization’s three alternate chair opposite CEO six months

goal of this strategy to the CEO position as temporary chair. Not attached to any one person. A CEO who is also working in the same position itself next. But previous to the meeting with the board and management team. Including the core operational and solve the crisis at the

people who will become CEO of the company will come from various departments such as marketing. Wireless Business Research etc. By changing the position to make the company a fresh optimistic view of human parties it is here, the founder and former CEO Ren Zhengfei that will make Huawei adaptable. faster than the original

new CEO of Huawei (the third under this system) is Eric Xu, between October 2013 and will serve until the end of March 2014

Source – The Verge



                     Huawei, CEO


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