Snowden open the document Rochelle Marina individual data for one year.

The Guardian reports on the secret NSA documents under Edward Snowden’s latest project called Marina project storage and retrieval of “metadata” such as access to information on individual sites, site search results, the behavior of the E,. or even in some cases email password

guide for NSA officials sent to The Guardian by Edward Snowden stated that Marina is the target repository browser. And a summary of the target behavior. Then send the data back to a total of 365 days in the system named Sigint

This system is for online use only. The document also talks about the “other” that is intended for a separate storage device

documents revealed the NSA (not off of Snowden) stated that the NSA for 1.6% of the entire Internet. And in those that see it. Check with the 0.025% to 0.00004% of global Internet data. But this is not to say that given the number of connections to the NSA to investigate to what extent. Such as downloading large files hundreds of megabytes NSA may be to see just who is downloading the file name at any time from any location, these data will need to see only a few compared to the total downloads

Source – The Guardian



                     NSA, Snowden, Privacy


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