Samsung, Apple’s vice president called “cheating bastard” after the vote fraud benchmark the Galaxy Note 3.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing. One of the senior employees of Apple just a few of the tweets personal feelings on Twitter. Has come out tweets short “shenanigans” (I cheated) and attach your news from Ars Technica states that Samsung use anything to make the score benchmark the Galaxy Note 3 higher than it should be up to 20%

by the contents of the link attached to this Ars Technica Schiller’s tweet came out saying that the benchmark interest points of the Galaxy Note 3 Note 3 of the specification is similar to the LG G2. But it points to a very different and shocking. From the Library by Ars Technica that Note 3 goes into turbo mode, the CPU speed to high when the user runs various benchmark applications

the report also said that Samsung use the same method with GPU version of the Galaxy S4 sold around the world come. then (anyone interested please read the full report from Ars Technica . )

Source – 9to5Mac .



                     Galaxy Note 3, Phil Schiller, Samsung, Apple


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