On campus in the United States. Open to medical students to remove the article in Wikipedia.

that almost everyone has been keeping score at home by writing an essay or a report, but it is not often to see a student work on editing Wikipedia articles on a particular level. Education Bachelor’s degree. If, however, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of California, choose to allow medical students to do the work points out how the

university courses teaching about the remix, edit and publish articles through Wikipedia to first year students and four courses for a period of approximately one month, and course evaluation criteria shall be considered. the editing and publishing scholarly articles on the site this online encyclopedia. The article must be a topic of medical knowledge about it

Dr. Amin Azzam, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of California says about this matter. Dissemination of scholarly information with complete accuracy. It is the duties of the personnel in the medical community. Which will also benefit enormously greater than the mosques only talk to the general understanding individually. And dissemination of information on Wikipedia would mean the opportunity for many people worldwide have no access to knowledge of different

edit contributions to the medical students to be a part of Wikiproject Medicine Project, a project of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to alter the content of over 100 medical articles important to have the correct article. theory Currently the Wikimedia argues that activists attended medical editor of this project is still ongoing contributions are no less than 350

Source – New York Times



                     Wikipedia, Medical


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