Nokia Lumia 1020 Review Part 1 – Nokia Pro Camera to take an assistant pro.

when Nokia launched the Lumia 925, Nokia has introduced a Apps Nokia Smart Camera to a queue and when I launch Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia Pro Camera out more. The superior features of the camera application, Windows Phone and Nokia Smart Camera’s own self. And most important, the Nokia Pro Camera is an application that can store photos, full resolution of 38 million pixels. This is considered to transcend the limits of Windows Phone by default

will delve into the details now, Nokia Pro Camera will be available on Lumia Lumia 1020 and other models with features such as PureView 920, 925 and 928 Lumia Amber was updated to be able to download apps from. Windows Store, but in this review we will drill down on the Lumia 1020 before unlocking the screen when we come out, we are faced with a Nokia Pro Cam Tile Purple prominently on large screens like the Nokia Smart Camera

when pressed into the application. First, the application will use the idea of ​​introducing such tools. Such as the shutter button, Creative Control, the last photos. Or browse button to the Camera Roll Gesture Control to control applications. Slide your finger on the shutter button. Mode, it will switch between camera mode. And video. Slide your finger on the screen – up, down. Will zoom in – out. The key recommendations for the various tools, such as the Lumia 1020 Nokia Smart Camera, Nokia Cinemagraph and Nokia Panorama has

after the recommended application and then it goes into the first page of apps Nokia Pro Camera chased down a widget consists of a button, the Camera Roll, the last known picture taken next, to Creative Control. which is centered on the tool for different settings. First button is the flash button. Set the white balance. Focus adjusting ISO sensitivity, shutter adjustment. And adjust the EV or exposure compensation. Following is the menu button for settings. Next to the shutter button. Button and select the applications you want to use

or tap to call up the other settings. As well

let’s look at each of the different engines. The first tool is a tool for setting flash in Lumia 1020 can be set to flash all four types of flash off the flash automatically by light flash and the flash for the Focus Light and not flash Focus Light will. allows photography in low light is smooth. And there is no problem anymore

sample photos. (Flash left / right turn off the flash)

comes next is a tool or set White Balance White balance in Nokia Pro Camera which can be set in this section is to set up an automatic 5-light photos taken outdoors in sunlight conditions. Fluorescent light essence. And tungsten lamps. Each of which solves the white more realistic. In the event that we take pictures of the area. A light that does not match the nature of the loss of the

tool later is the focus in Auto Focus Mode Nokia Lumia 1020 will be the focus for the help anyway. But if the auto focus is not pleasant we Lumia 1020. We can also use this tool to adjust the focus to match what we want

a tool that is four or adjust the ISO sensitivity or by you, we will be known as the sensitivity of digital cameras. This is defined as the measurement of performance in digital photography. This value is much greater. The shutter speed will be much like the Nokia Lumia 1020 which can be set up to 4000 from 920, 925 and the Windows Phone based cameras that can be set up to 3200

Wasp engine was the sensitivity of the shutter. This will be used to control the light incident on the sensor. And thus directly affect the image. If we shoot at a relatively high speed motion. (Such as roads), but to a lower speed. We will not see even one car on the road. But we can see the light is direct. Curve or by the direction of the vehicle being driven away. With the virtual object through the camera to make a return, if not to use a higher shutter speed. We can see the object moving to the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be able to set the shutter speed up to 1/16000 second lowest in 4 seconds

I was the last

adjust exposure compensation. This will allow us to adjust the exposure of the image we want to be taken. Such as shooting in the garage. But the camera to focus on the outside. The invisible internal objects. We can use this value to compensate for the light to see objects in the garage as well. Adjustable up to a minimum +3 -3

We also can use Exposure Bracketing in Photography has set a different exposure compensation. For example, we want to shoot in the garage, but the fifth and the exposure compensation from +2 to -2 different, we can use this function to help without compensation often

Another highlight of

for Nokia Pro Camera Deleted disadvantages of Windows Phone 8 is that it Nokia Pro Camera to be able to write a single application file size of 38 million pixels. That would normally be a Windows Phone 8 operating system are reasonable specification. And the camera is locked as well. Is unable to read – write image file larger than 8 megapixels, so Nokia Pro Camera application is inferior to fix this

so shooting in the first shock of the Lumia 1020 Nokia Pro Camera that we will have to file two files. The first file has a 5 megapixel camera for further use. Such as posting to Facebook. Or Twitter. And the file is 38 megapixel file will be saved in the Picture and the file name will end with _highres the Windows Phone will not see the files and the Windows Phone Manager to see file this is the other. No photos instead. Thus, the 38 megapixel files are the only way out. Is plugged into the computer (which is Windows), and then pull out to use it _highres file

In the video, it looks no different from the stills mode as well. The Creative Control are reduced to two engines. Is for the white light. And the focus of the camera


Nokia Pro Camra is an application that can help to take a pro as well. An amateur who can enjoy various functions. The camera fully. The camera is also able to learn skills that come with the Nokia Pro Camera has all the features that can record images at a resolution of 38 million pixels, which is an application that can keep a resolution this high on the platform Windows. Phone Nokia Lumia 1020 you can use to store and record memories. I then took it out for a picture with my mind ever

point like Creative Control is a tool that we can pull the shutter release button to open the settings menu at all. Or you can upgrade to one at a time as we’d like. Creative Control and it does not take much for people to take the hard work in amateur level. However, if you adjust for the optimal viewing. It takes time to understand some of these tools

but for a handful of Nokia Pro Camera downside is that the camera does not function fully as much competition. Nokia will solve this problem as they look, with the primary function to separate out a small application. Ie taking panorama. I have to open the apps to Nokia Panorama shooting to return to the Action Shot Nokia Smart Camera and switch to the switch itself. Back is that the two Cons applications. Can not take pictures at a resolution of 38 million pixels on it. We have a full-resolution image enough to have it used against me. It is very much like a social network that I have

for full size image can be viewed from Download Google Drive here



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