“I cut to the barges! Barges! Mutagenesis “ready to Cut The Rope 2 Almanac this year.

ZeptoLab breaking news that this year will see the game Cut The Rope 2 is the sequel to the game to make a name for the company by stating that ZeptoLab launched worldwide earlier this winter. (Which is the end of this year)

details. About the game has not been revealed so much. The only hint is just that. This new game is a new fantasy to Om-Nom, the main character of the story. Add new features to more complex still by the traditional approach to the game. In addition to adding new characters into the game. And environments that respond to the player within the game better, the way the game ZeptoLab has a storyline sure to keep players and fans of the original game as well Tokaktokใh

herewith ZeptoLab has revealed the success of the previous game Cut The Rope that make the Pudding Monster download up to 400 million times. The players continue to play continuously at approximately 60 million per month

a fan who is awaiting the outcome of labor camp within the next few months

Source – Android Authority



                     Cut The Rope, Games, ZeptoLab


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